The North Main Bark Park’s primary exempt purpose is to promote responsible dog ownership through community education and maintenance of a safe, enjoyable off-leash area for dog exercise and socialization. North Main Bark Park is dedicated to maintaining a positive community presence by encouraging sustainable environmental practices and supporting local dog-friendly organizations.



NoMa Bark Park operates as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The NoMa Bark Park Board is responsible for managing the dog park and is composed of volunteers. Officers of the Board are Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary. The Board shall meet regularly to address issues and concerns of the Bark Park. At all meetings, a majority of the entire Board shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. Any meeting of the Board at which a quorum is present, the vote of a majority of Board members present at the time of the vote shall be the act of the entire Board. In between meetings, the Board will communicate via e-mail. Board action may take place by e-mail if a majority of Board members responds.

ui6ENeIVAoqP7OVFAyTiSpdLre_YTRLnjHve6T4XcA6_BIQ48Au7qz20-qCWafNZCo6VUw=w2560-h1192All NoMa Bark Park Board meetings are open to members, unless an incident requires part of the meeting to be in executive session. If you have a concern you would like to speak to the board about, please email the chair at Your request can be added to the next meeting agenda. The Board is always eager to hear from Bark Park members.

Meetings are typically conducted in the evening on the first Monday of the month at the Recreation Center in Earlewood Park. Prior notices of meeting will be available via member emails and Facebook. Generally in February, an annual meeting is held, to provide the Annual Report. This report is a comprehensive report about the previous year, including annual expenses and problems that were fixed or will be fixed.

The City of Columbia Parks and Recreation Department maintains the land used for the Bark Park, including all repairs to structures and the grounds. Their hard work and dedication makes the Bark Park possible.

Finances/Management of Dues

All funds received for the NoMa Bark Park are held in a bank account by the NoMa Bark Park Board. Funds raised through membership dues and other means shall be used for expenses related to NoMa Bark Park. The Treasurer shall maintain the financial records for NoMa Bark Park. All expenditures of $100 or more must be approved by a majority vote of the Board.

Bylaws and Conflict of Interest Policy

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