It's important that we all work together when visiting the park to make sure that our pups have a safe and enjoyable time. Below you will find some very important rules, answers to Frequently Asked Questions, as well as some suggestions for park etiquette.


If you encounter a questionable situation or incident at the park, or have a grievance, please report it to the board. If an altercation happens between dogs at the park, it's important to work together. Gather names and contact information. Also, ask for the names of witnesses.


Safe​ Entry


Many avoidable situations/altercations at the park happen near the gate. Everyone needs to work together to create a safe environment for our dogs. 


Do not enter or open the gate before dogs inside the park are pulled away from the gate. Pay attention to new visitors trying to enter the park when you are there. Restrain your dog and stagger their release so that new dogs are not overwhelmed by multiple dogs all at once. 


Visiting the park is a great opportunity to interact and bond with your dog. Your dog also depends upon you to advocate for them. You know your dog's quirks and fears. Dogs can't be expected to like every person, every dog and every situation. Pay attention to your dog and be prepared to step in before a situation escalates into something more unpleasant.




Owners are legally and financially responsible for any and all injuries to people or dogs caused by their pet. Dog owners/handlers must be at least eighteen (18) years of age in order to obtain a permit.


Do NOT give out the gate code. Do not allow or bring in visitors to the park whose dog(s) are not registered. Doing so may result in the loss of your membership. Each dog must be registered and vetted prior to entering the park.


Dog owners must remain with their dog(s) in the park at all times and keep their dog(s) in sight at all times. While not in the fenced area, dogs must be leashed.


All dogs must wear a collar at all times.


Owners must immediately leash dogs showing aggressive behavior towards people or other dogs. Incidents of aggressive behavior should be reported to the management committee and may result in the loss of membership privileges.


POOP SCOOP POLICY: Dog owners must pick up and throw away dog waste


Bowls or other containers are not allowed inside the Dog Park. Watering sources are provided for use by Dog Park permit holders.


Human food, dog food, dog treats and dog chews are not allowed in the fenced area at any time. 


Balls, frisbees and other dog toys are permitted provided the use of such toys does not provoke aggressive behavior.


If a City of Columbia or Richland County resident, each dog must have a pet license. Dogs must be spayed or neutered and current on shots (rabies/DHLPP). Puppies must be older than 6 months.


Smoking is not allowed inside the Dog Park.


Only dogs under 30 lbs. are allowed in the small dog fenced area.


MINIMUM AGE REQUIREMENT: Persons accompanying a permit holder inside the Dog Park must be at least ten (10) years of age and strictly supervised.


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