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You'll find a little piece of heaven for your dog to play in downtown Columbia, SC. NoMA Bark Park encompasses nearly two acres

just off of North Main Street, in Earlwood Park. We are a non-profit, membership-based dog park.


Our membership requirements:

  • A membership form must be completed and a photo submitted for each dog

  • proof of spay/neuter

  • up-to-date vaccination records for: rabies, distemper and kennel cough. This ensures that all dogs are happy and healthy!




The NoMA (North Main) Bark Park is a non-profit, membership-based dog park. The street address is 1250 Parkside Drive, Columbia, SC 29201. The dog park itself is situated in Earlewood Park near North Main Street. 


When you enter Earlewood Park from North Main Street, you will see NoMA Bark Park immediately on your right. You will need to cross the bridge and park in that parking lot. Once you have your pups ready, walk them across the bridge and enter the Bark Park!


Leash Laws
Please remember that your dog is required by law to be leashed in Earlewood Park! If you decide to allow your dog to wander off-leash outside of the fence, you do so

at your own risk.


We are a membership-based dog park, so only registered dogs may enter the park.


This policy is for the health and safety of all who visit the park, and requires all dogs’ owners to submit required documentation before membership tags are issued. 

This is in keeping with the requirements of the City of Columbia, which owns the land used by NoMA Bark Park.

There is a walking trail all around the outside of the

park, if you would like to see what the park is like

before you join.






Becoming a member is easy. Click the orange button to fill out our online registration form. You'll provide us with your contact information and some general information about your dog, or dogs.


You will also need to upload documentation showing proof of spay/neuter, and up-to-date vaccinations for rabies, distemper and kennel cough. 


The cost for membership is $40 per dog, per year. Foster Memberships are available. Learn more about this option below.



Membership Requirements

Your dog must be at least 6 months old

You must provide proof of spay/neuter

You must provide proof of current vaccinations - rabies, distemper, and kennel cough.

Benches, running water, pools, tennis balls, shade trees and evening lighting

Double gated entrance for safety

Separate fenced areas for large dogs

and small dogs

Approximately 2 acres for your dog to play

Park Amenities

Pet waste disposal stations and bags

Ample and convenient parking

Special events and training sessions for members

Discount at Pet Supplies Plus - $7 off the $14 Self-Service Pet Wash 

Foster Memberships

To support local pet adoption and assistance dog training agencies, the NoMa Bark Park will offer a flexible membership in support of fostered dogs.


1)    A “foster” membership will be priced at the standard price of $40.00/year and will be transferrable throughout the year as needed.


2)    Foster dogs must meet all of the normal membership requirements, and all NoMa Bark Park Rules will apply, however, NoMa will not require proof of a City of Columbia pet license.

3)    The volunteer bringing the dog to the NoMa Bark Park will bear primary legal and financial liability for any and all injuries caused to people or dogs by their foster dog.

The foster membership allows more than one dog to be on one membership consecutively.  When a foster dog is adopted and another dog becomes a foster in that residence, the second foster dog would be able to use the first foster's membership with paperwork and registration information provided and no additional fee during that membership year.  However, if an individual has two fosters concurrently, then they would need to obtain two foster memberships.

Foster Memberships
Park Rules




Owners are legally and financially responsible for any and all injuries to people or dogs caused by their pet. Dog owners/handlers must be at least eighteen (18) years of age in order to obtain a permit. 


Do Not share your key fob. Do not allow or bring in visitors to the park whose dog(s) are not registered. Doing so may result in the loss of your membership. Each dog must be registered and vetted prior to entering the park. If someone's key fob is not working, they need to contact or call (803) 994-9663


Dog owners must remain with their dog(s) in the park at all times and keep their dog(s) in sight at all times. While not in the fenced area, dogs must be leashed.


All dogs must wear a collar/harness at all times.


Owners must immediately leash dogs showing aggressive behavior towards people or other dogs. Incidents of aggressive behavior should be reported to the management committee and may result in the loss of membership privileges.


POOP SCOOP POLICY: Dog owners must pick up and throw away dog waste


Bowls or other containers are not allowed inside the Dog Park. Watering sources are provided for use by Dog Park permit holders.


Human food, dog food, dog treats and dog chews are not allowed in the fenced area at any time. 


The only outside toys allowed in the park are: tennis balls, Kongs (or other brands that can withstand rough chewing), ball throwers, and rubber or plastic Frisbees (no cloth, please). If you bring in an outside toy, please do so in the spirit of sharing, i.e. understand that other dogs may want to play with it as well. If the toys provoke resource guarding, aggressive behavior, or are being shredded they should be immediately removed. Toys that are not allowed in the park include stuffed toys, rope toys, toys with squeakers, and toys that are made of thin plastics and latex. 


 Dogs must be spayed or neutered and current on shots (rabies/kennel cough/DHLPP).   Puppies must be older than 6 months.


Smoking is not allowed inside the Dog Park.


Only dogs under 30 lbs. are allowed in the small dog fenced area.


MINIMUM AGE REQUIREMENT: Persons accompanying a permit holder inside the Dog Park must be at least ten (10) years of age and strictly supervised.

Safe​ Entry


Col. Tom Kelly, dog trainer and canine behavior specialist at Contented Canines, gives advice for entering the gate safely at the dog park. As a member of our board, Col. Kelly gives Canine Behavior Seminars semi annually at the park. 



1250 Parkside Drive,

Columbia, SC 29201

PO Box 3232

Columbia, SC 29230


Google Voice Number: (803) 994-WOOF (994-9663)

Please leave a message and we'll call you back shortly.


Thanks for submitting!

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