Rules of NoMa (North Main) Bark Park

1.) Owners are legally and financially responsible for any and all injuries to people or dogs caused by their pet. Dog owners/handlers must be at least eighteen (18) years of age in order to obtain a permit.


2.) MINIMUM AGE REQUIREMENT: Persons accompanying a permit holder inside the Dog Park must be at least ten (10) years of age and strictly supervised.

3.) Dog owners must remain with their dog(s) in the park at all times and keep their dog(s) in sight at all times. While not in the fenced area, dogs must be leashed.

4.) All dogs must wear a collar at all times.

5.) Owners must immediately leash dogs showing aggressive behavior towards people or other dogs. Incidents of aggressive behavior should be reported to the management committee and may result in the loss of membership privileges

6.) POOP SCOOP POLICY: Dog owners must pick up and throw away dog waste

7.) Bowls or other containers are not allowed inside the Dog Park. Watering sources are provided for use by Dog Park permit holders.

BNAfMJspN7y116QwYiaRFe9tJtgTzdDyJ_EeBbUWNkLkkFTzCiCUGOA2vAtqGG3tZ8sdFQ=w2560-h11928.) Food, including long-lasting dog chews, is not allowed in the fenced area at any time. However, small, bite-sized training treats are permitted.

9.) Balls, frisbees and other dog toys are permitted provided the use of such toys does not provoke aggressive behavior.

10.) If a City of Columbia or Richland County resident, each dog must have a pet license. Dog must be spayed or neutered and current on shots (rabies/DHLPP). Puppies must be older than 4 months.

11.) Smoking is not allowed inside the Dog Park.

12.) Only dogs under 30 lbs. are allowed in the small dog fenced area.

13.) Each dog must be registered prior to entering the park. Actions related to intentionally allowing non-registered dogs into the park can result in loss of membership.

All members are subject to and have signed a statement saying they agree to the above rules. The NoMa Bark Park Board will address rule violations and can determine a change in membership status. Failure to follow Bark Park rules will be reason for removal from the park and/or suspension or revocation of membership rights without refund of the membership permit annual fee.

What if I see someone break the Bark Park Rules?

NoMa Bark Park was established on the concept that dog owners would police themselves and each other. The Bark Park Board encourages owners to resolve issues that arise at the Park amongst themselves. If you see someone who forgets the rules (i.e., forgets to pick up poop) politely introduce yourself, remind them of the rule, and thank them when they comply with the rule. If a dialogue between owners is unsuccessful or if a person or dog is injured at the Park, the owners involved should submit a complaint to the Bark Park Board.

Tips for Play at the Bark Park

Tips for Entering and Exiting the Bark Park!

v7rfnwN71mtPnrcETP7t1_7BeaE_ecQJrHeyQTQL3tAClB04LfZ9p2ELjDkf5KGs7ikwDg=w2560-h1192– To ensure that dogs do not bolt out of the park, never allow two gates to be open at the same time!
– Be mindful of the entrance gate. When a new dog arrives, call your dog or fetch your dog from the gate to allow a new dog to enter without incident.
– Your dog should wear a regular collar at all times and the leash should be easily accessible. Remove harnesses, pinch collars, choke collars, bark collars, spray collars, and shock collars before or upon entering the park.
– Small dogs (under 30 lbs.) may use the large dog area at their own risk. Small dogs should be taken to the small dog area if an incident occurs when in the large dog area. Agitated dogs should be separated and taken to another side of the park to calm down.

Tips on How to Behave

qLrcNwHQy1v21pamI26Ro0wb3ISQ6xzIi7_TTF5LHXlvosFJy9be6lGnE7SS7kZr0O5QKQ=w2560-h1192– Focus on your dog while in the park. It is not acceptable to be reading, on the phone, or in a deep conversation with other owners if this keeps you from paying attention to your dog.
– Keep your dog in sight at all times. Leash or remove your dog from the Park when aggressive behavior occurs.
– Smoking is not allowed inside the park.
– Absolutely no food is allowed inside the dog park. Bringing food inside the fence is very dangerous among off-leash dogs. It could result in a fight or someone being knocked over.
– PICK UP AFTER YOUR DOG! There are several pet-waste disposal stations throughout the park. It’s not only unsanitary to leave your dog’s waste behind, it’s illegal! Scooping the poop benefits everyone, especially our shoes and the health of all the dogs who go to the park and walk around the park. It also protects the streams nearby, helps with flies, and prevents stool eating.
Park visitors can help out by being observant and letting other dog owners know when and where their dogs are making a mess. And if you see poop, please pick it up and dispose of it properly, even if it’s not your dog’s! Scoop the poop!

Who Can Enter

– Guests with non-members dogs are not allowed in the park. This allows us to know that all dogs are current on their shots and members have a path of recourse should an altercation with an aggressive dog arise.
– Puppies must be older than 4 months to become members. However, our requirement that all member dogs be spayed or neutered usually has dogs entering after 6 months. Most of our dogs are over a year old and play hard. It’s easy for a puppy to be harmed. According to Teoti Anderson of Pawsitive Results, LLC – “Dog parks are not ideal places for puppy socialization. It’s much better to wait until the pup reaches adolescence.”
– Dog owners/handlers must be at least 18 years old to bring a dog to the park. All children accompanying them must be at least 10 years of age. Many dogs can be too rough towards children. Furthermore, many dogs will instinctively chase running animals (and that includes small children) and can knock over small children.  The chance of injury to a child is too great.