Memberships and Member Discounts


Contact from the Bark Park Board

We send out member updates via email to current members and post them on the Facebook Group Page.  We try not to send out more than one a month.

Standard Memberships

nd2-45187ZaXF6Ezm4vjl7p0Go3Gu8oQYGS9brsdyaolUtf0_tfhuGXCOqQozhDqKneK_g=w2560-h1192Cost for membership is as follows:

For registrations received on or before June 30th, $25 per dog

For registrations received on or after July 1st, $15 per dog

Members access the Bark Park using a gate key code. The key code will be changed at the start of each new membership year, and as needed to prevent unauthorized access to the park.

All memberships expire on December 31st, at which time members must renew to receive the gate access key code and membership tag(s) for the new year.

Membership tag(s) should be visible while in the Bark Park.

All dogs who enter the NoMa Bark Park must be registered members. There shall be no exceptions.

There is a “no guest” policy, and exclusive use of the park shall not be granted for private parties or other events. NoMa Bark Park Board members can undertake occasional surprise inspections to ensure that all dogs entering the park are members.

Giving out the gate code and thereby allowing non-registered dogs to enter the Bark Park is a violation of the Bark Park Rules.

All members are subject to and have signed a statement saying they agree to the NoMa Bark Park rules.

The NoMa Bark Park Board will address rule violations and can determine a change in membership status.

Failure to follow Bark Park rules will be reason for removal from the park and/or suspension or revocation of membership rights without refund of the membership permit annual fee.


Membership is $25 per year per dog if purchased January through June and $15 per dog if purchased July through December.

Dogs are required to be spayed/neutered and vaccinated.

If the dog’s owner is a City of Columbia or Richland County resident, a current pet license is also required, even if you are a student (from either the City of Columbia or Richland County, website links in above section).

Membership fees are set at a rate to cover the costs of keeping the Bark Park running. Also, it’s important to note that the membership fees are for the remainder of an entire calendar year.

If a member registers on March 31st by paying $25, and brings his/her dog to the park only once a week, that averages out to less than 65¢ per visit.

Foster Memberships

To support local pet adoption and assistance dog training agencies, the NoMa Bark Park will offer a flexible membership in support of fostered dogs.

1)    A “foster” membership will be priced at the standard price of $25.00/year or $15.00 after July, and will be transferrable throughout the year as needed.;

2)    Foster dogs must meet all of the normal membership requirements, and all NoMa Bark Park Rules will apply, however, NoMa will not require proof of a City of Columbia pet license.;

3)    The volunteer bringing the dog to the NoMa Bark Park will bear primary legal and financial liability for any and all     injuries caused to people or dogs by their foster dog.

The foster membership allows more than one dog to be on one membership consecutively.  When a foster dog is adopted and another dog becomes a foster in that residence, the second foster dog would be able to use the first fosters membership with paperwork and registration information provided and no additional fee during that membership year.  However, if an individual has two fosters concurrently, then they would need to obtain two foster memberships.

Member Discounts


Pet Supplies Plus – Harden Street & Irmo Locations
With your current NoMa Bark Park tag, you’ll get $5 off the $10 Self-Service Pet Wash at Pet Supplies Plus, Columbia at their Five Points and Irmo locations! They provide all the supplies you’ll need, just bring your tag and pay before you wash! Also, it wouldn’t hurt if you thanked them and bought some treats while you’re there!


Doody Calls Pet Waste Disposal Service

If you sign up with Doody Calls (to scoop the poop in your yard, they’ll pay your dog park membership fee ($25 value). Contact them for more info through their website.  They can customize their service to meet your needs. Remember, scooping the poop protects your dog from worms and helps the environment!”